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Is the Cisco Valet a router?

April 08, 2010 By: Admin Category: cisco valet wireless hotspot

Cisco Valet Wireless Hotspot

Cisco calls the Valet and Valet Plus “hotspots” — but that’s a marketing thing.

Remember, Cisco’s goal is to make setting up a home wireless network so easy that the most non-technical computer user can make it work without fear or drama. They want customers to be confident they’ll be able to open the box, turn it on and make it work.

Now, “router” is a scary, high-tech word. But “hotspot” — that’s what the sign on the coffee shop says. It’s familiar. The message is, “You can have your own wifi hotspot, and let your friends come access the internet at your place — all while keeping your own computers private.”

But bottom line, it’s a router. Not just an access point, and not anything new and different except for its extreme ease-of-setup.

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