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See the Cisco Valet “Easy Setup Key” (Video)

April 09, 2010 By: Admin Category: cisco valet plus wireless hotspot

With Valet, home wireless has never been easier. Valet gives you the power to quickly and simply make your home wireless. The included Easy Setup Key gets you connected to the Internet in just a few minutes. Cisco Connect ™ software, pre-loaded on the Easy Setup Key, lets you quickly link your other wireless devices and manage your home wireless with ease. Remember when going wireless required technical expertise and hours of effort? Not anymore, the Cisco Linksys M10 Valet Home Router works seamlessly.

Key Features

* Create a wireless hotspot in your home and easily connect your computers, gaming consoles, smartphones, and other devices to the Internet.
* Get set up in minutes: insert the Easy Setup Key to launch Cisco Connect software, breeze through the simple screens, and you’re wireless.
* Enjoy the speed and range of Wireless-N.
* Connect additional computers and other devices with easy-to-use Cisco Connect software.
* Use Cisco Connect’s customizable Parental Controls to block unwanted websites or restrict Internet usage during certain hours.
* Grant guest access to visiting friends and family by providing a temporary password to guests, without having to share your own password or private information.
* Customize your other settings using Cisco Connect.